Start a BagShare

First and foremost:
Find the right store or venue.
The Old Creamery was our first choice.
The owners need to be involved and willing to train their employees to explain the bagshare once the project is started.

Meet with the store owner and  get an estimate of how many bags they use in one year. Then estimate how many bagshare bags you will need.
This is hard. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you want. For example, the Creamery used 49,000 bags per year. We sewed 500 to start.

Then print out our starter poster (below) and fill in the top line. Write in a date for your launch. It should be at least 3 months away. Give yourself time.

Enlarge the poster to 4 X the size and use it as the main focus of your educational area. Add more art with bag facts as part of the educational area. There are more posters you can use on our site illustrating the bag facts.
Make a presentation to the school and involve the younger ones in an art project. They can illustrate the bag facts. Show movies about plastic and paper bag pollution.

Make a sign up sheet for sewing circles and find a space to do it. A Civic Center, Town Hall, library, church or even after hours at the store itself will work. Once you have enough bags to launch involve the press and let them know the launch date!

Take pictures and send them to us! We will put them on the site!

And have fun and keep sewing as you need more bags.