Bag Videos

Trying to get people to remember to bring their reusable shopping bags? Here are some public service reminders from around the world. Fun stuff! :)

"Less for the Landfill" thanks to Deerfield Academy
The latest school to adopt the bagshare projects nationwide initiative:
Less for the Landfill from Deerfield Academy on Vimeo.

Malt, Seed and Feed Bag Challenge - Our Latest How-To Video

Is your store going bagless? Don't be like the Eco Taliban in Portlandia!
Offer BagShare bags for customers who forget theirs.

Canvas Bag Anthem by the one and only Tim Minchin.
Every time you make a shopping list, remember this song!

And one school that took the song's challenge to heart.

The Majestic Plastic Bag - Brilliant "mockumentary" about the life cycle of the plastic bag, from Heal the Bay.

Message In The Waves - The most powerful video showing the effect of plastics pollution.

Visit the filmmakers' website.

Bag Reel 2016!
Find out why cloth bags are the only way to go.