BagShare Partners

Bagshare Partners: Supplying a better bag
Partnering with your local Food Pantry/ Survival Center/ Food Bank

One in 7 people in America rely on a food bank to help feed themselves and their families. (More info.)
Many food recipients use public transportation or walk to where they pick up their food.

Plastic and paper bags tear easily and are not reusable for long.
Our grommeted Bagshare bags, re purposed from seed, feed and brew bags are sturdy and made originally to hold up to 50 lbs. 
Every town in America usually has a brewery or feed store that generates lots of these bags and every town usually has a food bank where sturdy reusable bags are needed.

The Bagshare Project asks you to step up to the plate and create a work force of volunteers either at the Food bank or a satellite location to make these better bags and supply them on a regular basis to food recipients. 

You and your community are:

Helping the environment locally by collecting and re purposing drip tape and seed/feed and brew bags.
Creating a pop up maker space and making  beautiful, functional bags together.
Donating sturdy bags to your local hunger relief organization .
Building community by learning a useful skill together and asking everyone to help.

Scout troops, church groups, schools, individuals, retirees. Everyone can lend a hand.

Cleaning up is stepping up.

Here’s a list of organizations that are using our bags:

Amherst survival Center Amherst, MA
Northampton Survival Center Northampton , MA
Margarate's Pantry, Holyoke , MA
The Charity Center, Adams , MA
The Village Closet, Cummington, MA
Northampton Tuesday Market, Northampton, MA
Pittsfield Farmers Market, Pittsfield, MA