Bag Share Wishlist!

Please donate any of the following items to The Bagshare Project:


Latest wish! 


- Drip tape/irrigation tape
- Clothesline
- Bicycle inner tubes
- Home and industrial sewing machines electric and treadle machines thread
- sewing notions
- clean fabric of any kind and weight/ upholstery samples
- scissors, pinking shears, shears of all kinds and sizes
- scissor sharpening machines and tools
- grommets
- grommet setting machines
- punch presses
- punches
- hand sewing supplies
- yardsticks, fabric rules
- fabric storage units such as shelving with drawers and backs on the unit
- small and medium drawer units for organizing supplies
 - coat racks for bag display
- adhesive backed label making sheets
- sharpie markers that work
- fabric paints and printing supplies
- brushes
- rollers
- stamp making supplies
- fold up tables
- clean, dry, un-torn animal feed bags, bird seed bags, malt bags
- reusable bags in good shape drawstring or any kind
- clothesline
- damaged rope hammocks where the rope is still strong
- cording, webbing, string, shoelaces, zippers, buckles, buttons, rope
- snaps, fasteners
- belts, neck ties
- clean old back packs to repair and reuse the fastening devices
- copy paper for posters any color
- epson stylus 880 and epson photo RX 620 ink cartridges still in the package
- Poster board
- bulletin boards
- sewing machine oil and dispensers
- Serge machines
- velcro
- books on sewing and clothing construction
- Small drawer units for organizing sewing machine parts
- Storage tubs with or without lids