MA Plastic Bag Ban

Let's make this a thing of the past!
Statement on the Plastic Bag Ban Bills
from the website of MA State Representative, Lori Ehrlich
"This bill was heard by the Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources on May 17, 2011 and subsequently emerged from Committee with a "favorable" recommendation. Unfortunately, it was not able to get before the Senate for a vote so will need to be refiled in the 2013-2014 legislative session.
We've all seen these non-biodegradeable petroleum-based bags stuck in the trees but as they travel they also threaten marine life and clog sewer drains. They cannot be recycled, only down-cycled (see article below) and contaminate other recycling waste streams. If passed, retailers may still choose to provide plastic check out bags to their customers but they must conform to the ASTM standard for compostable and marine biodegradeable plastic."

- Massachusetts Ban Plastic Bags Website
Information on the bill(s) up for consideration, ready-to-print flyers, information sheets and the actual text of both bills

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Want to make your own argument for the Plastic Bag Ban? Start by going to the Massachusetts State Legislature "Find My Legislator" page, find them, click on their names for contact info and contact your representatives personally!